Jonathan Anderson at Offer Waterman


‘On Foot’

Special Projects DIRECTED BY: Emile Raphael

‘On Foot’ is a new exhibition curated by Irish fashion designer, Jonathan Anderson, at the Offer Waterman gallery in London. The space brings together modern British art influences and Anderson’s own archival runway pieces, as well as works of art from his personal collection.

J.W Anderson_ Nowness

We collaborated with Nowness and Agile Films director, Emile Rafael, to produce this short film that sees Anderson guide viewers from his studio through the streets of Soho – which have been a constant source of inspiration for the designer – to the exhibition space in Mayfair.

We used VFX to enhance moments in the film that speak to the London landmarks (from the pub to the park) and have worked as a colour palette and mood-board, and influenced Anderson’s work. These VFX spots are a nod to London’s creativity and subvert the viewers’ expectations. Think AI generated images of statues cycling through city spaces in a playful cut and paste style.



Jonathan Anderson_On Foot_Emile Rafael_Nowness
Jonathan Anderson_On Foot_Emile Rafael_Nowness
On Foot Agile Studio
jw anderson nowness film
jw anderson film_nowness