Unlock your journey by discovering Ava’s story


It Starts With A Swipe

CreativeProductionVFX & Animation DIRECTED BY: Jamie Whitby

This is Tinder’s debut UK brand film, ‘It Starts With A Swipe’. An absolute dream creative brief for Agile Studio, written and directed by our very own Jamie Whitby.

The focus was on the experiences and friendships that Tinder can help unlock, and this made for really rich narrative territory to explore.


A lot of love went into this one, from Jamie’s script writing and creative development through to production, Luma AI 3D scanning and VFX spots, to shooting and delivering an authentic narrative that had realness at its heart.

The film charts a year in the dating life of our hero, Ava, as she navigates the highs and lows of connecting in a new city – and shooting on multiple formats allowed us to flex our full creative and production muscle.


We wanted it to feel real and resonate, so authenticity was absolutely everything — from casting and performance, right through to production design, shooting style and camera choice.