Inspiration Matters


Oppo 10 pro+ 5G

CreativeVFX & Animation DIRECTED BY: Sam Taylor
oppo- 10 PRO+ 5G

In 2022, the Oppo Research Institute asked us to develop a concept to support their Innovation Accelerator – and together, we launched a campaign designed to inspire the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to use technology as a force for good in honour of Global Accessibility Awareness Day. The goal? Improving accessibility and providing smart solutions for healthy living.

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Using AI, we told Xavier Hopkins’s story and deployed cutting edge digital tools that helped him predict track conditions in real time and visualise the road ahead.

By imagining how near-future technologies could empower people to take on near-impossible challenges, we made tracks for Girona Pyrenees to create an Inspiration Matters concept video to show how futurist technologies inspired by Oppo Air Glass and the AR app CyberReal 2.0, will empower people to pursue their dreams. Think 100mph FPV racing drones, cinema cameras rigged to mountain bikes and 3D scans of the dense forests of Catalunya.

Oppo 10 pro+ 5G Agile Studio

There, we told the story of Xavier Hopkins, a visually-impaired downhill mountain biker, using  AI technology, to create a 3D model of the mountain routes that allowed him to predict track conditions in real time and visualise the road ahead. Using LiDar 3D scanning to scan the routes and build a 3D map of the environment we mixed imagined technologies and prototypes with real-world techniques.

The film was integrated into Oppo’s ‘Inspiration Matters’ campaign let by its R&D team and was used alongside real Oppo prototypes like CyberReal 2.0 and #OPPOAirGlass to promote Global Accessibility Awareness Day. 

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