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OnePlus TV Q2 Pro

CreativeVFX & Animation DIRECTED BY: Jamie Whitby

We teamed up with OnePlus as 360 creative partners, to launch its flagship TV, the Q2 series, to the Indian market and position the range in the realm of large, premium TVs – competing with the best.

OnePlus TV Q2 Pro Agile Studio 04
OnePlusEdinburgh Agile Studio

The objective was to drive a strong halo effect around OnePlus’s entire TV range, and highlight the enhanced audiovisual experience offered by the larger, high-end TVs. All in a captivating, imaginative and unmissable way.

The insight ahead of launch? Globally, Millennials have spent the most on art over the last few years and have subsequently driven the growth of the digital and NFT art scenes – and this is particularly prominent across India. Having identified that target audiences are actively seeking out deeper and more meaningful experiences, and are highly interested in art and innovation, we developed a concept inspired by creators in the Indian digital art scene.

Harnessing technology and creativity to hero the product’s cinematic user experience.


We worked with film director Jamie Whitby to bring the campaign to life – and took it to another (trippy) level with 3D animation and photoreal renders to showcase just how immersive the OnePlus TV is. This involved 3D camera-tracked shots, pre visualised and animated movements of glass wallpaper – we then used on-set shot 360 HDRIs to perfectly match the lighting so that the glass sat seamlessly within the scene. Rendering with RedShift renderer, we made use of its internal caustics engine to create subtle light refractions bouncing around the space from the 3D glass ribbons.

The film and animated 3D wallpapers that we designed featured across hero retail stores promoting the new TV, whilst the 3D photoreal renders showcased it in different home environments. We also commissioned retail films and key product visuals to bring it to life across multiple touch-points.

OnePlusEdinburgh Agile Studio VFX