The Comet is Coming

The Comet is Coming

VFX & Animation DIRECTED BY: Charlie Robins
The Comet is Coming music video

‘TECHNICOLOUR’ by The Comet is Coming; a music video directed by Charlie Robins with  Post, VFX and Animation by us.


This was a special project for a new single called ‘TECHNICOLOUR’ by The Comet Is Coming directed by Agile Films’ Charlie Robins.

The concept was to jump between worlds and play on energy with a focus on the infinite and magnetic matter that makes up the universe and draws us together.


'Technicolour’ music video the comet is coming

‘TECHNICOLOUR’ by The Comet is Coming

'Technicolour’ the comet is coming

We used a brand new real time volume capture rig using Kinetic sensors to tap multiple camera angles of depth information which, once in Houdini, allowed us to produce intricate particle simulations.

LiDAR scans of locations then worked to build out the world around the performers as particle systems and bring everything to life.