Where Passion Becomes Action

ProductionVFX & Animation DIRECTED BY: David Horsburgh

This project for Instagram with team at Meta was about showcasing how the latest Instagram Reels ads tool could help businesses. The idea was to inspire customers to take up hobbies and passion projects with new products purchased via Instagram Reels. 

Magic match cuts and seamless transitions.

Where Passion Becomes Action Agile Studio

Agile Studio Creative Director, David Horsburgh, led on this project and worked with the Meta team on full creative and script development across two commercials focusing on two timeless hobbies: playing the guitar and gaming.

The script we created highlighted how Instagram Reels can drive product discovery and the two films were built around a talented guitarist in need of new equipment and a dedicated gamer who was looking to upgrade their PC and desk setup.

We shot on an Alexa Mini LF camera and large format sensor to give us plenty of resolution to reformat the films to many different social media outputs. And we used dynamic camera angles, music and sound effects to capture the hype of upgrading their kit.

In post-production, we added VFX work to animate the Instagram Reels sliding in on top of the video. We wanted to create a seamless transition between the content of the video and the Instagram Reels ads. As content slid into frame it was designed to perfectly align with our hero talent, creating a vibrant collage effect with all the layers of Reels, subsequently bursting to reveal our freshly upgraded hobby setups.

Where Passion Becomes Action Agile Studio