Find N2 Flip



CreativeProduction DIRECTED BY: Sam Taylor
Oppo Mexico AgileStudio 01

Sam Taylor reunited with Oppo Mexico to direct this film for the launch of the Find N2 Flip starring tennis player Rodrigo Pacheco, figure skater Donovan Carrillo and ballet dancer Greta Elizondo.

Oppo Mexico AgileStudio 02
Oppo Mexico AgileStudio 01
Oppo Mexico AgileStudio 04

“Having time with these athletes allowed us to properly explore the full spectrum of their discipline – the ups and downs. Our aim was to talk about the hard work the punters don’t see. The hours of making the choice to get up and keep going.” – Sam Taylor

On the studio front, we created CGI phones for the end frames of spots to recreate Oppo’s new Find N2 Flip model in photorealistic CGI before animating it, lighting, rendering and compositing.

We wanted these spots to end with a seamless transition to the folding phone so that as you watch the film, it pulls back to reveal you’ve been viewing it on the phone’s immersive cover screen the whole time. Right before it flips and twists to land in it’s final lock up.

Oppo Mexico AgileStudio 05
Oppo Mexico AgileStudio 06
Oppo Mexico AgileStudio 07
Oppo Mexico AgileStudio 09
Oppo Mexico AgileStudio 10
oppo mexico Donovan Carrillo
oppo mexico Donovan Carrillo 2
Oppo Mexico 15